A Tsuchihashi Masahiro film



Tachibana Kyoko (29yrs.)
-----Yamashita Yoko

After finishing a graduate school ( Major : Politics, the Law Department ; she had transferred herself, however,to this department from Anthropology Department ), she works as a No.2 secretary after her yonger brother who had passed away for her father who is a Member of the House of Councillors and is a conservative politician. Since she is a person of excellent judgement in accordance with magnificent intelligence, everybody expectd her to be good at her business, not to speak her parents,relatives and also supporters of the electoral destrict as well as people at her father's running corporation.
Her parents had made her to enter Catholic schools,and thus she was educated to be very obedient and to have moral of being a model to everyone while she become to have interests in transcendent exsistence and universality.
Therefore, she has made up her mind to put herself into politics on behalf of her dead brother to meet her parents' expectations, although her spirit seeks for freedom and wrggles deep inside of her body trying to find an exit.


Saeki Shunichi (29yrs.)
-----Umano Hiroaki

This character is an ex-boyfriend of Kyoko's while they were at university, and now he is an assistant to a sociologist at the same school. The story begins when this idealist makes up his mind to commit suicide yielding to despair of his powerlessness and unreasonable actual society.


Higuchi Kaori (F,26yrs.)
-----Nakamura Yuko

A graduate school student who is a now - girlfriend of Saeki Shunichi . She fascinated Shunichi with her beauty and made Kyoko and Shnichi's relationship come to an end, but theirs also is ready to become so.


Orihara Toru (M,37yrs.)
-----Kawda Yochiichi

A lawyer who is cousin to Kyoko. They' ve been good friends since their childhood, and he fully underatands and supports Kyoko mentally.


Orihara Tomomi (F,27yrs.)
-----Nakae Emi

A wife of Orihara Toru. She just gave birth to a baby few month ago. Also a good friend of Kyoko.

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