To Whom it may concern

The film TRUTHS: A STREAM by Masahiro Tsuchihashi has been selected for participation in the 30th InternationaI Forum of New Cinema of the Berlin Film Festival (10 to 20 February, 2000). It has been shown very successfully in 5 different theatres and has been actively discussed with the audience at each screening. lt also received a special mention from the Jury of the Wolfgang Staudte award.

We concider TRUTHS: A STREAM a unique film developing thoughts and feelings about elementary human questions like life or death and transforming them into an original filmic structure. The film demands concentration and patience from the audience but rewards the spectator richly through audiovisual sequences of great strength and beauty. The film's uncompromising attitude has to be especially underlined.

TRUTHS: A STREAM is an important mark in the history of independent and experimental cinema. A film which stimulates and opens up new horizons of filmic expression.

Berlin. 20. Februar 2000

Ulrich Gregor
Director. International Forum of New Cinema
International Berlin Film Festival

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