Daniel Schmid
To Masahiro Tsuchihashi

Dear Mr. Masahiro Tsuchihashi,

I was very glad that I met you in Berlin during the Film Festival, having been a member of the jury in the Forum which always presents the most interesting new films in Berlin.

I wanted to tell you how much I loved and admired @gTRUTHS: A STREAMh@and what a beautiful movie you did.@I was very touched and also all my friends who went to see it.

Everything about@gTRUTHS: A STREAMh is extraordinary----the actors, the movements, the rhythm, the sound. It's so gmastered,h so we all were very surprised that you are all so young! What a great start!

I hope very much to see the movie again in Europe or America. And I think you must find some distributions or theater owners in Japan. Because gTRUTHS: A STREAMh is a most unusual and outstanding film that deserves to be seen by the public all over.

With all my best wishes.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Schmid

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