Watch how we transform tragedy into miracles !

Director Tsuchihashi Masahiro concentrated four years of visual musinug into this "sincere pursuit of the infinity within." This challenging, starkly beautiful work uncovers new possibilities for the Japanease film genre.

The heroine, Tachibana Kyoko works as Second Secretary to her father, a politician. One evening, her old flame from university, Saeki Shun'ichi, visits her and asks her to commit suicide with him. Deeply oppressed by family-related pressures, she agrees.
The two travel deep in the mountains, where Kyoko's grandfather had left some land.
Totally isolated in completely natural surroundings, they consider how to kill themselves. To make the process really meaningful, they decide to build their own tomb and end their lives in a blaze of glory when it is complete.
Deep in her heart, however, Kyoko has other intentions ....


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