Tsuchihashi Masahiro

Film Director, Jazz Bass Player and Educator
Assosiate Professor of Kobe Design Univ. (MA in Arts, BA in Economics)

Born in Kobe City.
Study film making at Columbia University and The New School for Social Research Persons School of Design in New York City.
Worked as an assistant director for ITAMI Juzo's film, "Minboh-No-On'na."

The First feature film; "TRUTHS: A STREAM" won A Special Mention of Woifgang Staudte Prize at Berlin International Film Festival in 2000.

Filmed a jazz workshop "Let Our Children Hear Music" in 2002.

Directed "Barry Harris in Akiyoshudai" and "The Daichi Trio in Akiyoshudai" in 2003.

Directed second feature film,"Movements, Sounds and Lights" in 2004.

Directed short film "A Glassplay in Kobe" in 2008.

Released piano-jazz CD "The First Meeting" (The Real Jazz Trio) in 2010.

Published a screen-novel "X-DRS part1" in 2012

Released original jazz suite CD "The Kobus Passion" with story-booklet in 2013.

Filmed third feature film "ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA | Vom Gesicht und Raetsel | " in 2014

Released guitar-duo CD "Tune for Pat" with Kris Tcheupdjian in 2015.



The company, Art of Wisdom was established for the purpose of producting films, CDs and books that are designed to pursue the essential nature of human beings.